FastBTC is a new and unique Canadian cryptocurrency brokerage specializing in speed. We're just getting started and you can already enjoy our flagship product, blisteringly fast Interac e-Transfers with no login necessary.
  1. Enter your email address on the home page. (We need to know where to send your e-Transfer!)
  2. Send bitcoin to the address provided.
  3. Wait 30 minutes for your Interac e-Transfer to arrive and deposit it to your bank account.
If your transfer amount was below the instant maximum: Interac e-Transfers have a 30 minute delay between initiation and delivery, your e-Transfer will arrive in your inbox 30 minutes after your transaction is confirmed.

If your transfer amount was above the instant maximum: your transfer has been queued and will be sent when limits allow.
Send us an email with a signed message from the BTC sending address containing the current date and the new email to use. There is a $10 fee for changes to the email address used.

To avoid this issue in the future, you can set up an account so that the email field will be automatically populated or you can reuse a single BTC deposit address associated with a working email address.
The rate is locked in as soon as the transaction appears, no confirmations necessary.
Fees for most trades are included in the rate advertised for that trade type. Some fees are charged per transaction and cannot be included in a single rate. Each trade page will show the transaction fee for that method.

Sell for Interac e-Transfer: $4.00 CAD.
Sell for Cash Deposit: No additional fee.
Sell for Western Union: Western Union fee deducted from payment.
Sell for Cash By Mail: $25 for Xpresspost, $60 for Priority.

Buy with Interac e-Transfer: No additional fee.
Buy with Interac Online: No additional fee.
Buy with Western Union: No additional fee.
Buy with Cash By Mail: No additional fee.
Buy with Credit Card: No additional fee.
Yes, all used funding addresses are permanently linked to your email. You can send additional transfers to any of your addresses at any time and you will receive a payment at the then current rate.
Yes, your minimum and maximum limits are shown when making a trade. If you send more than the limit, your transaction will be flagged for manual review and will be completed, partially completed, or refunded, at FastBTC's discretion.
Yes, the FastBTC referral program allows you to receive a share of the profits generated by users who you have introduced to the service. You must register an account to participate in the referral program.